Attention: Stand by on the .25 Bat received issue

I think we are all missing the point of the post as we rant and argue back and forth. I simply was trying to get fewer, new posts on the same issue as to not bog down the response time. With that said, I’m out for the night but will gladly argue back and forth with all of you good people tomorrow. Except @rahul99 they just want to rant and complain and not have civil discourse.

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I forgot to write, Just kidding
But it shows how triggered you are now…:grin:

I’m not judging you or trying to make myself superior. Understanding and making argument that are true isn’t the act of trying to be superior

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You spoke words right out of my mind this is exactly what i mean

I don’t understand people that can’t make a point and just claim that I’m triggered? Just because I can construct a reasonable idea doesn’t mean there is any emotion behind it. There is a reason why debate is a thing. Is everyone that debate “triggered”

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so if u don’t like brave that much You would have stopped using it but u didn’t because U know this is best browser available in market. If you hate brave browser then uninstall it don’t
complaint again again like thousands times, I see you everywhere in brave community complaining about brave.

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I am the only culprit, I guess

Do have any problem with that?

Just the only one who cant hold a reasonable conversation.

No, not true. I would truly enjoy a good conversation with different sides points being thrown out. Make some so we can continue. I’m not trying to ridicule you in anyway. If fact the very opposite as I encourage you to express your opinions if they weren’t already said before by other people since I already read those.

hmm? I was actually agreeing and supporting you that’s it.

Case in point about reasonable conversation

That was not referencing you. :confused: You weren’t the one that said I was triggered for making claims. Sorry for not making that clear and truly apologetic if I offending you in anyway

I really want few more people to point out to me, then I will enjoy reasonable conversations. Since you have said I am naive, so you understand that my reactions are quite obvious. Don’t get offend, then.

Oh ok :sweat_smile: my bad i should have checked properly.

Cool down guys…
Have a little patience.

I am sorry i called you naive but i just want u to stop complaining about brave so that other people tension will decrease

Have I not had a reasonable conversation with you? I would hope that you have considered this a reasonable conversation as I have.

**“Patience”**:joy:…one more in the conversation.

Actually I m naive buddy, so bear with me

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