Attention: Stand by on the .25 Bat received issue

And this from @steeven today " your issue is known and has been identified by the dev team. A fix is incoming."

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I have been hard pressed to find a post where you have not complained about brave when given the chance. I am not here to babysit you. Simply put, if you don’t like brave, leave. But, I know you won’t because you probably have no where else to go to try and get some attention to feel better about yourself. I’ll be blocking you after this because quite honestly, you are a drain on my (and others) time and resources.

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This issue is resolve and can be closed @steeven or @Mattches

mine is worse
please check the attached picture

Hello @herrvader
how are you doing? I am Gemini verified user and received reward previously, but this March I just see pending and check the status since April 12 and then gone, and I didn’t receive any reward and my reward status is empty (please check the attached pictures)

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This is a known issue and is currently being fixed. If you scroll up, you will find posts on this thread with some info. You are one of thousands with the same issue. Rest assured it is being handled and you will receive your due rewards. Thank you for your patience.

You can block me using your tiny supremacy. But, you can’t suppress. My actions are abided by rules and regulation as per the brave community guidelines. And many times you mentioned that you saw me everywhere, so it is clear that you are frustrated of my valid complaints. One suggestion to you keep your personal interest aside when you are in any community forum. After this, I am also restricting/blocking you.


@Herrvader is just (for some reason) annoyed that people are using a place destined to discuss bugs and report problems to… discuss bugs and report problems. The whole “where’s the contract???” makes no sense and am sure is something not even the Brave team wants to be assosiated with you see the ads but we have no obligation to pay you. A piece of the marketing campaing is that the user earns tokens, not that they may or may not gift them because they are not contractually oblidged. Your comments bring no benefits for the trust in the project.

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I think the issue is that they created this post to inform people that the team are looking into it, as most of us know, yet all people seem to do is complain and want a fix NOW, and that isn’t going to happen.

Anyone that can read english can see that the banner topic explains everything we know for now, but we still see topics every few minutes saying the exact same thing. It becomes infuriating

Just a question. Is there any word on whether once the problem is fixed the previous months bats will also be realigned? I did a check on my wallet on two devices and on one I always received 0.25bat and on another I always received 0.50bat. Isn’t it strange that they are round numbers and always 0.25 or multiple?

Did you receive any notification regarding this?
Since it’s been Wednesday (Today).

Good morning,
I have been affected by the April payments. How can I complain so that my case is taken into account?
Thank you very much

Hi everyone,

I finally did get paid for my unverified wallet but I earned less BAT that what I expected for this device.

On my smartphone the payment had been done 04/07 so it’s alright (verified wallet with Uphold)

Also on another device (uphold verified) I didn’t get anything, not even 0.25 BAT…

**As of a few moments ago, I did receive 6.5 BAT for March (I thought it was around 5). I had to click the confirmation button, and oddly had to refresh the rewards browser page to get it to “stick”.

Once it did, I went back to my verified Gemini wallet and the funds are there.

I would imagine everyone else who’s waiting will get theirs also, since I never put a special ticket in or anything.

Thanks to those at Brave who worked on this issue, Much appreciated!**

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Payments are still processing. Once they are completed, if you haven’t received the rewards, then put in a support ticket.

Payments are still processing. Neither one of the 2 devices i had issues with have received the payout yet. Hang on a bit longer, please.

claimed the fixed amount of rewards but does not show up in my wallet.

Good afternoon! Thank you. The charges have arrived.