Attempting to Complete Ad Projects but Don’t ReceiveReward

I sometimes see ads that really interest me- that offer monetary rewards for completing tasks (maybe downloading an app, signing up for an exchange, etc.).

However, the ad does not say where/when this money will be provided; and I have never received a reward for my efforts. Additionally, there is no way to follow through because I cannot go back and find the small banner text that got my attention in the first place to question them.

Please help. Thanks.

…See Brave Text Pop Ups?

Yes, that’s how I see the ad. A text pop up on a banner from the Brave app on my iOS.

Do note, you get rewarded with BAT for viewing the ads @Nbourne2 . The notification is the ad.

And you’ll see your earning estimation under brave:rewards

But I wanted the $50 that the ad was discussing. I have $1.25 in ad revenue which is great from Brave, but not what the ad was saying and not what I completed.

Ah! So it’s about the promotion from the site itself. Then you can ask them about that.

I thought you asked about the rewards from Brave Ads. :sweat_smile:

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