Attempt to Sync Failed Repeatedly

I am attempting to sync the following devices:

  • iMac running OS 10.13.6 and Brave 1.16.76
  • MacBook Air running OS 11.0.1 and Brave 1.16.76
  • iPhone SE running iOS 14.2 and Brave 1.21 (

Only the iMac has bookmarks, so I am trying to have its set of bookmarks appear on the other two devices.

After following your instructions to link the three devices, these are the results:

  • the MacBook Air shows the iPhone linked
  • the iMac shows the MacBook Air linked
  • the iPhone shows the MacBook Air linked.

I cannot get the iMac to show on the iPhone or the MacBook Air as a linked device.

I have tried to link the iMac starting from the MacBook Air and from the iPhone several times unsuccessfully. Before attempting to link the iMac from the iPhone on one occasion I even reinstalled the Brave browser on the phone.

Please advise.

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