login spins indefinitely


Expect no response to this post. Just want to report that what what works in latest Safari browser on Mac works OK but not on latest Brave browser. Logging into my wireless account spins indefinitely on Brave but works OK in Safari.

If it helps, I’m on COX cable and using ExpressVPN.

Just saying…


Hey @rubblestone -

I just accessed with all shields on except for javascript. What security settings / shields do you have access when getting stuck?

I am also on mac with express vpn.



Here are settings :wink:


Hmmm… this seems to get me in. Is it at a certain page within the site?


On this page doing a normal login.

AT&T site insanely redirects, reloads, etc. in what I consider to be an inexplicable manner. Perhaps the difference is we are hitting different server farms…


Hmm… again, loads for me off the link you provided. Have you attempted to turn all shields off? If so, then the issue lies deeper perhaps.


Turned off shields no change. Also turned of VPN through LA exit node with no change. Spins away. Same credentials work on Safari with VPN and maximum security settings with Safari.

I think I give up… Safari for is OK with me…


Heh - yea. Makes sense. Always like a good puzzle. I was able to solve similar issues with Discover Card and Chase. So if I find something I’ll let you know.