At March BATS vanished and ok, i said nothing, in Aprile got less and ok, but now is enough

Till yesterday i had 14 bats in Gemini, today magically they are 6, not to mention that now they put a limit on withdrawal

Ok is free i’m not complaining but this is not how this should works properly, sorry i’ll probably use brave but i will cutt off all the ads since no idea who get my bat and i’ìm a bit tired of it

My gemini account is verified i got token in the past but when the token get to a cert amount magically vanish.

Seriously this is not a way to cooperate between people there’s another name for this

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Did you check the list of transactions in Gemini?
Verify if any of your devices has the auto-contribution on.

I don’t have any auto-contribution on

And yes they vanished

But, which transactions do you see in Gemini? You must have the transaction history that shows all transactions. Another possibility is to see the transactions in the blockchain explorer using your wallet ID.

Did you already contact Gemini support?

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