At @bravesamspon's request


desired extensions i used to use in chrome, alphabetically

stars indicate the ones I often go back to chrome to use.

amazon assistant
••• behind the overlay
coupons at checkout
••• FB purity
f*ck overlays
flix plus
••• friends+me
••• URL shortener
••• google gifs
••• hover free
invisible hand
just not sorry
my iBidder auction sniper
Page Eraser
price zombie
••• print friendly & pdf
••• reddit enhancement suite
The Camelizer
••• The Tracktor
••• ugly e-mail


I would also to like to add a few:

  1. Canvas blocker
  2. Privacy badger
  3. Feed Reader (Any)
  4. Sharemenot
  5. Disconnect
  6. uMatrix


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