Association with Gemini should end, they give horrible service and are penny thieves

Brave should move away from Gemini as fast as possible.
I have ETH there I can’t move because “it’s not enough”, their crypto withdrawal fees are high and they create situations where the user might lose control over funds “they can’t reach” while the transactions has completed to their address. I happend to deposit MATIC via Polygon instead of Ethereum mainnet and from their point of view those funds are lost “until we choose to implement polygon”. This is a mistake that’s very easy to make when you’re not paying good attention, and MATIC belongs on Polygon. I don’t know how many times this mistake happens but it’s a great way to skim the users of crypto if they don’t buy it at Gemini.

I cant close my account because there is still some ETH in it, but that ETH is not enough to get transfered back to me.

Penny thieves !

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