Assign action per- context to middle mouse button

Thanks to many previous posters for ironing out many tab/middle click behavioural concerns, the browser is ever more usable.

To further improve the fluidity of use, I would like options available in the settings menu to control what the mouse buttons, mainly the middle/wheel click will do when the cursor is hovering over different interactables. In my case, I would like an option where instead of closing an open tab using middle-click, we could duplicate it instead, or possibly set a default choice from the existing options in the RMB context menu.

It’s only a small gripe, and we have a few ways of opening tabs in the desired fashion already, but I mention this in particular because of how frequently it seems to happen. I’m a huge advocate for intuitive interface design and I try to pay attention to why I (as a user) tend to favour certain actions, but I can’t quite put my finger on this one*. For whatever reason, I find myself organically middle-clicking an open tab when intending to duplicate it. If it help to know, I seem to mistakenly do it more frequently since I switched to vertical tabs too. (Thanks for those, by the way, I like the extra text info displayed and scrolling.)


.* Pun most certainly intended.