Asset support of Glo Dollar ($USDGLO)

Hi There–

I was able to add a custom token, USDGLO and do a swap of USDC for USDGLO in the wallet and wanted to discuss potentially getting USDGLO supported naturally, without having to add it as a custom token. I work for the company that developed it and we are currently talking to one of your on/off ramp companies, Transak, to support USDGLO for on/off ramping so Brave users would have full functionality.

Is there someone on the Brave team I can connect with?

Otherwise, we do want to make sure our logo comes through too, how do we go about doing that?

Anyways, here’s a short summary of our stablecoin. I’ve also attached a one pager.

At Glo Dollar, we’re pioneering a new form of donationless philanthropy with the launch of the Glo Dollar-- a fiat backed stablecoin issued in the United States by We’ve copied the profitable fiat backed stablecoin business model currently yielding billions of dollars to the incumbents but are different from them in that we donate all our earnings from the Glo Dollar’s reserves to fund basic income programs administered by GiveDirectly. At scale, we’ll become a revenue-generating engine for lifting people out of extreme poverty.

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