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Exact same prompt every second or third search. Wallgreens and Politico immediately come to mind. But, as said, it is constant.

Exact same prompt every second or third search.

But you are using Google search when you see it, correct? If so, the filter that I shared above will ensure that you don’t see this prompt when using Google anymore.

We’re also looking into including that very same line into the browser directly so that users do not have to add it manually in the future.

I did not understand that entering it would take care of all my Google searches. Generally, I do only use Google. Occasionally Bing.

To confirm, entering the new filter information did work?

No offense, but we never even have met. To me you are “Matches.” I assume you are someone close to the process, but I started to enter the code and then realized that I was not comfortable doing that. I am just going to wait for Brave to potentially solve the issue internally.

That’s fine — but I do work for Brave and I can assure you that the code you’d be entering is perfectly safe.

Without getting too technical, the code is basically simply telling the browser “hey, when you detect this element (the prompt) on, stop it from displaying.”

I will think about it. I have your emails.

Man, after reading all of that I wanted to give you props my guy. My activity is basically nonexistent on here. But the patience you showed dealing with that “unique” individual lol, deserved some sort of praise thrown your way. My favorite part was the “code” not being trusted lol. A lot of paranoia is pouring out of kais, yet continues to use google services. I can’t think of a more perfect definition for irony. Again, great work and thanks for all you do and continue to provide all of us with the Brave Browser.


I agree 100%! Some people are impossible to please.

Maatches, you deserve a trophy for maintaining the upmost patience throughout the entire ordeal.

“The suspicious mind conjures its own demons.”
Hanshiro Tsugomu