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Clearly, at core, Brave is in someone’s pocket. No longer can you stop in any conceivable way, even if you choose to block your location, certain websites from putting forth the beyond annoying and regular popup asking if you want to allow the site to have your location. The only real question is what Brave is making from this.

If you’re having an issue with Brave, you’ll need to provide more information than what you have. This is why we have the template built into the editor so that you know exactly what information to provide in order for us to best resolve your issue.

From what I can tell, it appears that you’re getting asked by some websites keep asking you whether or not you want to share you location. It would be helpful to know:

  • What websites you’re seeing that ask you this?
  • What do you have the default Location setting configured to in brave://settings/content?
  • When you are asked on the site(s), are you simply selecting selecting Block ?

I am seeing this on arguably every third search. So many to try to remember–Wallgreens, Politico, for example. So many I am not going to manually enter every one into some blocking mechanism. Also, there appears to be no “Content” section. Furthermore, when I enter “content” in the Brave search function in Settings it directed me to just a couple of choices that have “content” as part of a longer sentence, but none appear to address my issue. As for what I do when I get the prompts asking me if I want to share my location, I close Brave and use Firefox. I do not even respond to the prompt.

The reason you are seeing the prompt is because the site is asking for your permission for something, in this case location. Note that you’ll see this prompt on all browsers.

This is the reason you continue to see the prompt — you have not allowed or disallowed the site this permission, so it will revert to the default behavior of asking for it.

You can stop all sites from asking permission to share you location by changing the default behavior in the brave://settings/content section, as stated above. To find that section:

  1. In the address bar, type in brave://settings/content and hit enter. Alternatively, you can go to Menu --> Settings --> Privacy & Security —> Site and Shields settings to get to the same page.
  2. Click on the Location permission, as shown here:

  1. Select Don't allow sites to see your location:

This will tell the browser that sites, by default, should not be asking for your permission. Further, if for any reason a site does ask you to share your location, you can simply select Forever in the drop down box, then click Block on the prompt:

“Note” that I have been using four browsers for all or part 15 years–Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Brave–and I never have seen that prompt ONCE. Of course I stay away from the filth that is anything Chrome-related. Where is my post on the “Brave Community”?

First of all, there is no “Sites and Shields” option. Spell out exactly what question on the Brave settings–apparently under “Shields” according to you–rectifies this issue. I have seen no question that appears to address this, and I have “blocks” on essentially everything I can.

Some sites will prompt you to share you location upon landing, others require a specific action (as shown in the example).

If I click the same “Share you location” option in Maps on Firefox, it asks to share my location:

Same as in every browser.

To stop sites from asking this in general, you can find the setting for that permission in the Settings as described above. Here is a video of me navigating in the browser to that setting to clear up any confusion:

If for any reason you are still asked, simply select both Block and Forever on the prompt, as illustrated in the image shared in my previous reply above, you will not be prompted for that site again.

Thank you

This has gotten ridiculous. First of all, your video does not work or something and why in the world would I need to download more Google filth, in this case Maps, simply to get searches I am using the Brave browser for to stop asking for my location. In fact, it seems to be getting worse by the day. Secondly, as I have said repeatedly, nothing here is “same as every browser.” This is exclusive to Brave. Furthermore, I am using a MBP with the latest operating system updates and have checked in my Mac Settings the options for all my browsers–“do not provide location,” which, interestingly, may be what is causing the Brave problem, and ONLY Brave problem, in that the filth that Google/Chrome is, a platform upon which Brave is using, simply cannot take being told that is cannot smell my used underwear, er, I mean not have my location. As I have said repeatedly and allude above, and based on my quarter-century of computer use and use of countless browsers including the four I already have mentioned, I NEVER have seen what I now see every two or three times I use the Brave browser now, and, AGAIN, ONLY the Brave browser. Furthermore, absolutely NOTHING you have directed me to has even matched anything I am looking at on my computer. Perhaps your video was the key, but, as indicated, I am not going to download Google maps, interestingly, to get Google/Brave to stop bothering me. I have Google Maps tabbed in all my browsers, and that is how I use it, and once again, even though tabbed in all my browsers is only is with Brave that almost every other search now asks me if I want to share my location. THIS IS UNQUESTIONABLY BRAVE SPECIFIC.

@kais1269 I just was reading through the conversation here and have to ask, are you even here for help? So far all I have seen is you be argumentative, claim that you know better than the professional, have made a lot of false statements, etc. Let me try to cover some of it below:

Sure there is. How about you look at things rather than going straight to thinking you’re a genius that knows better. Screenshot below:


If you aren’t seeing something easily, there’s actually a search option to be able to search for settings. So if you clicked on image and then typed in Site and Shields you would have seen it, such as:

Or you could have just gone through settings, to which you’d notice it’s in Privacy and security.

When there you’d see this wonderful option like seen in the screenshot below:


Nobody told you to download Google Maps. That is a website, not an app or anything to download.

Which is what Mattches was referencing if you paid any attention

So you don’t want to go into settings to set things to say Don't allow sites to see your location and you don’t want to answer the prompt to say you refuse to give permission to a site to view your location. Then you want to complain that websites are asking?

Because either the browsers you used automatically are sharing your location and not giving you the choice of privacy or someone (you or someone else using your device) reacted to a prompt and it therefore doesn’t need to ask you anymore.

Yet according to what you have said, you’ve always refused the prompt in Brave by closing the browser and not responding to block or allow. Without the answer, your browser doesn’t know which permission to give. This is 100% your fault for you to see the prompt again when you return.

Yet for you to argue that Site and shields settings didn’t exist, it means you never set that option in Brave. You can kind of see the issue there, right?

Which you haven’t spoken of. Do you really have the latest? What version of Brave are you using?

You probably should visit Brave Community instead of responding by email. Perhaps you’ll have a better time in seeing screenshots and videos shared, not to mention the format occurring here. When you return and login to your account, you’ll see notifications from the responses to your topic. You’d click that and be taken straight to it. I’m pretty sure you have a link directly to your topic sent via the email updates you’re receiving as well.

Because it was shared on Brave Community. You’re getting an email summary as per your settings and you’re able to respond, but it’s not meant to be the primary way for you to access information and all. You’re supposed to come back to the site and view content here. At that point the video he uploaded to Brave Community would be visible.

It honestly isn’t. All web browsers have options for you to set on whether you want sites to be able to view your location. And when sites attempt to access your location, the browser checks what settings you have. If it’s set to Ask first or something of the sort, then you’d get the prompt.

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You can send me all the screen shots you want, which actually did not come through, but I can tell you on my Brave settings using my MBP that I have “Shield,” SOLO, setting, but no “SITES and Shields.” Furthermore, the “Privacy and Security” section, which I have looked at countless times, has nothing even remotely resembling an option that allows me to say something along the lines of “Do not ASK for my location.” As for downloading MAPS or whatever, the overall point was that he wanted me to adjust a MAPS settings option, with my Brave browser also set to close out all cookies every time it closes, to address BRAVE asking my location on almost every other site I search now?!?!? Or in other words I believe perhaps since I downloaded Sonoma, now 14.3.1, several weeks ago. Also, I long ago checked "Don't allow sites to see your location," and have that DOUBLED down on with my MBP settings also not allowing my location to be seen, but that has had absolutely no effect on my being ASKED for my location by 1/3 to 1/2 of the sites I arrive at through Brave search.

Then stop reading and responding to email and come to your topic at Asks for Location to read everything. Otherwise it seems you’re not going to be able to get anything resolved. We’re just spinning our wheels and getting nowhere.

And to be clear, I know now where the “Sites and Shields” are, your images I now have accessed, and I already had long ago, checked “Don’t Allow Sites to See Your Location,” and ONCE AGAIN, that has not ABSOLUTELY NO EFFECT on my being ASKED by the sites almost every other time I reach a site whether I will all the site access to my location. ON ALL OTHER BROWSERS I EVER HAVE USED I have done the same thing, ONLY WITH BRAVE, and only within the past several weeks, do I know get ASKED if I will disclose my location, REGARDLESS of whether I have already checked “Don’t Allow Sites to See Your Location.”

Also, that “location” tab that would allow me to choose “forever” does not appear on my address bar when I to go google maps. I only have the lock symbol and brave shield symbol on that far left part of the address bar. No third symbol, it looks like a location symbol on your screen shot, that would, apparently, allow me to tell Google to never ask the question.

Why don’t you go ahead and share a screenshot of the prompt in Brave browser asking for your location? Further, you can also share a screenshot of where you are looking in the browser for the settings I was directing you to. That way, we can have a better idea of what you are seeing and perhaps we can see where the miscommunication is.

Additionally, here is the link to the video I shared previously — you should be able to view it here:

Lastly, just to address the relevant things here — in my examples, I did not “download Google maps” and nor do you have to. I was simply using Google Maps as an example website that I could easily get a location prompt from.

In order to get this prompt, I had to click the Share my location button on Google Maps to get the prompt:

Lastly, you can go to any site, click on the tune icon on the left side of the address bar:

Then click Site settings:

Which will also take you to a list of permissions for that specific website, where you can then set the behavior of the location permission to Block:

Screenshots on a Mac are more labor intensive. But I get a box that says all four lines below:

See results closer to you?

To get the closest results, let Google use your device’s precise location.

Use precise location

Not now

And by the way, what other browser does someone have to do all this stuff with. Again, I NEVER in a quarter-century have seen it before except for the last couple of weeks with Brave. And, as indicated, on at least half the sites I land on after my search. In fact, when I just tried to go to Google Maps through a search I got the same box asking those questions. LOL I will work on a screenshot.

I have attached a the screenshot.

Here is a screenshot with the Finder box, which I cannot seem to get off the screen when using the app, in another location. Shift, command, 3, or 4 does not seem to allow me to take a screenshot for whatever reasons.

So what you are seeing is a notification implemented by Google and has nothing to do with Brave. They basically want to “ensure” they get your location data by prompting you this way.

If you were to hit Use precise location, it would then show you the prompt I showed in my previous image (shown again below):

Fortunately, there is a way to get rid of this prompt that works in Brave specifically. To do this:

  1. In Brave browser, go to Menu --> Settings —> Shields
  2. Select Content filtering:
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and enter the following text into the Create custom filters box exactly (you can copy and paste or manually type this in):[style="visibility: visible;"] static !important; overflow: auto !important; width: auto !important;)
  1. It should look something like this:
  2. Click Save changes
  3. Refresh Google and the prompt will no longer appear.

Note that this only works on the prompt on Google search that you’ve shown in your screenshot. If you are seeing a similar prompt on other pages, this filter will not work. Further, if you can share the other pages you’re seeing this/similar prompts on, we can help you block those as well (if possible).


Share the other pages? LOL It is every other, or unquestionably, every third search I do. And while perhaps Google asking is not “Brave specific,” unquestionably Brave is the only browser, among Safari, Firefox, and Opera that I get that prompt. Further, it goes without saying that no other browser requires the work-around you have provided. If I understood you correctly, you are saying that essentially new code–or whatever you want to call the sentences you provide for me to create a filter–must be done for every single site that has that prompt. And as I said, I get the prompt non-stop. So thank you for your suggestion, I mean that, but obviously I am not remotely going to program Brave manually every single time I encounter that prompt. That is all I would be doing for the day.

So you’re seeing that exact same prompt on other sites that aren’t Google searches/Google pages? Or is it different prompts that you’re seeing?