Ask user before resubmitting POST-request on page-refresh


Issue: When you refresh a page that has been initiated by POST-request (either by pressing the Refresh button or by selecting the navbar and hitting Enter), the POST is resubmitted without asking the user for confirmation. This could lead to accidental resubmission, which could lead to a wide range of user-issues.

Steps to reproduce: create a simple HTML form that writes the POST-request to a file. Submit POST-request. Reload the page a few times. No confirmation was asked but the POST-request was executed every time.

Requested solution: Ask the user if they want to resubmit the POST-request, or else reload the page without POST.

Please note: this should also happen when you refresh a view-source:[url] page (see also Reload view-source page loads the page normally)

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Sorry for the delayed response. There is an issue for this and can be tracked here

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