Ask Leo in Address Bar (Shortcut Request)

I like the Ask Leo option directly in the address bar, it gives users easy access to decide whether or not to search for something with traditional search engines or ask one of the AI choices.

My one request: Can this “Ask Leo” be mappable to a shortcut (maybe similar to how search engine shortcuts are currently configured)? I think this would be really cool as it could

  1. Allow for quick shortcuts to prompt different AI models.
  2. Allow for users to put their own “default” prompts in before their input.

Going off the current inputs for adding a new search engine shortcut, an example could be:

Search Engine: Pirate AI
Shortcut: :pirate
(A new dropdown for selecting chat model): claude-instant-v1
URL with %s in place of query: We are both pirates of British descent in the late 1600’s and are captains of our own ships. %s

Then if I were to type :pirate How are you? it would open a new chat with the preset prompt in front of my query/question

(Full query displayed in the opened chat):

We are both pirates of British descent in the late 1600’s and are captains of our own ships. How are you?

Excluding the simple pirate example, I think this could be really useful for day-to-day work. I already use the search engine shortcut features CONSTANTLY at work (to quickly pull up tickets, changes, releases, search documentation, search repos, etc. etc.), adding this feature would likewise increase productivity, as one could simply create a shortcut for their preset prompts rather than trying to maintain an active chat window. Other example prompts (for more work related shortcuts could be)

  • I am a software engineer who specializes in Java using REST APIs, and work with container applications such as Docker. I have moderate SQL experience, but I am new to using MongoDB. Provide multiple examples in your responses. %s
  • I am an IT Architect searching for an alternative to VMWare that is affordable for medium sized businesses, and allows room for expansion. List the pros and cons of each alternative. %s
  • I am a Senior Executive at a Technology company looking to write an email that comes off as professional, confident, and concise. It is just before the holidays and everyone has been working hard, so give it a cheerful and excited attitude. %s

If not going that far, it would at least be a good idea to consider adding a simple shortcut to auto select the “Ask Leo” option. If there is a lot of text, most users may end up scrolling to select this.

You can quickly access the bottom option (Ask Leo) by pressing Shift + Tab, then Enter, but most might not know this so would be better to consider a dedicated shortcut, like Shift + Enter and displaying that shortcut option next to the “Ask Leo” text.

I agree with the above poster,

It’s OK to have “Ask Leo” in the sidebar, but a shortcut button needs to be placed on the bar where the “Show Sidebar” and “Customize and Control Brave” buttons are. If this gets added, no need to type anything! Just click or tap the " Ask Leo" button and “Ask Leo” opens! The Leo shortcut should also have a prompt to be turned on/off in Settings. Please submit this to the Brave Development Team.


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