Ask change about 25bat android

After the the change payment out of ads 0,01 to 0,001 bat . The will be impossible to verification our portefueil . We need 25 bat to do that . That mean we need like 50 years to get that . Specially we can’t be earn more than 5 pub in 1h
So please change something about 25bat or 5ads in 1h

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I agree too. Do realize that on desktop you are allowed to log in, and you can create a separate account to do that. But Android forces you to get 25 BAT.


I’ve been trying to getting reply from the developers for a month. I’d say I was hopeful when I saw this subject here.
We certainly need that change.

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My brave ads not showing. It is stuck on 0. Please help. It has been almost a month now… I am on PC

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