As user evangelists how do we answer skeptics about Brave Inc.?

As Brave gets more popular I see and hear people asking about who runs Brave, why, and how we can trust them. Yes you have code on GitHub we could fork. Yes we could take our BAT, sell it, or do whatever we want with it (eventually). Yes you have some awesome and motivated folks as founders and employees. But that isn’t enough to satisfy everyone.

I looked for a FAQ on this topic but didn’t find one, maybe you could put together some background info about who is running Brave, why, what their incentives are, what the Brave take on ad revenue will be used for, how transparent the company will be, how we know Brave will remain independent, good, and not get acquired or buried by Evil Corp? Etc. Etc. Etc. I have some good ideas about that and what to tell people but ultimately I don’t really know, I’m just Joe Internet User, it would be good to see something official to go along with Brendan’s proclamation:

We want “can’t be evil” by cryptography and math, instead of “don’t be evil” by good will.