As much as I see the ads, the indicator always stays at 0 - please help

You need to acknowledge the different types of ads in order to have a better support. Btw, in your pic can’t see if you are verified or not, anyway with a balance of 0.04 BAT (around 1 cent $) you could easily format your pc and try with a new installation (don’t know if will resolve the problem), relink the exchange or, if unverified and holding some BATs inside the browser, backup your UserData.

I keep getting the ads. I see them, I interact with them and the BAT counter doesn’t move, it’s always at 0.04. You say I’m marked. Well, I don’t know. But one thing I’m sure of, I’ve respected Brave’s policies since I started. And you say you don’t understand me. I explain the annunciations I get by A sleek background image on a new browser tab. A card in your Brave News feed. Or a small push notification. . I check them to earn my tokens, and the touch counter doesn’t always move is at 0.04

if I’m verified everywhere. Formatting the PC is the only thing I’m missing. Then another problem arises. It is only allowed to link 4 times UpHold, and this is the fourth link. It is a problem that Brave has not solved, they should link more than lame times. That’s why I can’t format and repaint ruby -python -solidity -cout… libreria and other things takes time. I am not the only one that presents this problem, as you can see there are many conversations with the same subject, written in Spanish, I am not the only one are a lot . I’m just considering it. That’s what I need to do. Thank you very much for responding.

All right.

Yeah, that’s very weird when you view all type of ads and it doesn’t accumulate.

This “estimated earnings” you see is a mere real-time sum of the transactions stored in your database.sqlite.

So if it doesn’t even get to display the proper amount it might indicate inner file corruption.

Sorry but it seems beyond my knowledge then. I have no idea what can be happening in your system.

That’s bad news. I’m going to have to format, but it’s just like you say. I’ve only reinstalled Brave, but not formatted. I will wait for the answer of the form that I fill out. Today in the reinstallation of brave , I reach from 0.000 to 0.040, but still remained stagnant. Thank you for your help. There is nothing better in a chat that will answer you. Thank you.

They recently removed linking limits.

Ok, just for the records you now can link how many browsers you want to your exchange account, limits been removed 2 weeks ago. You should take a look at your ads counter to see if increases after seeing the ad, even the ads log, somewhere under the page you just posted (don’t recall how it’s called cause I’m on my phone now). Maybe it’s just the estimate banner to be corrupted.
PS: my “you’re probably flagged” was not referred to you.

Que significa estar marcado. ???

It’s an anti fraud system to ban cheating people.

look at this example. He just did

Definitely the problem is not Brave.

If you’re using this browser long enough to collect BAT in a verified account, then you should already know that you can’t earn tokens every time you open a new home page.

This type of background image ad has limits. 4 per hour, 20 per day (last 24 hours).

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