As much as I see the ads, the indicator always stays at 0 - please help

Well, for three months, the bat accumulator stopped. Every time I see an ad when it arrives, the counter stays at ZERO. To solve the problem I have done everything humanly possible. I have tried to solve the problem in all the ways that appear in the post. 1- brave updated 2- Windows 10 with notifications activated, 3- Brave App active for notifications. 4- Active wallet. 5- Upload activated and with braves tokens available. 6- I have also activated donations. *** I don’t know what to do anymore *** the language of the operating system corresponds to the location. None of these solutions have helped me. I’m not new to this. Holdeo Bat. I need your help, because suddenly the indicator stayed at 0. Help.

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So you receiving push notifications ads and it doesn’t gets computed? That’s weird.

Have you tried creating a new browser profile to check its behaviour?

If I’ve tried…when creating another profile it calculates up to 0.040 bat which is 5 ads more or less. And then it stops and the bat counter stops. Thank you for responding. If you know of any solution then I would love to try.


Can you please submit the information surrounding your issue to our form there so we can take a closer look?

Thank you.

Thank you very much for answering. I will fill out the form you indicate.

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I also want to tell you that there are many threads open in Spanish language, which have the same problem as me.

I don’t get…

Is your problem not receiving any ads or viewing them but not getting computed?

I see the ads, but they are not calculated. The BAT counter is stopped. For example, it doesn’t exceed 0.04 of reward. I’ll give you a photo. This problem has been happening for months. and I decided to rewrite the subject again.what I need to do is format the pc and that for now will not be possible.


I’m having the same issue on 3 of my 4 devices (2 Desktop & 1 Android).

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I’m also seeing ads but they are not computing. This is happening on 2 Desktops & my Android mobile. This has been going on for 3 weeks.

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We need to give as much information as possible. To help this BAT tokens. It’s an excellent project. Fill out the form above.

It’s been happening to you for three weeks. In my case I take more than 6 months, but today I decided to return this issue since I am holder of BAT and I think I deserve rewards. I know a little bit about this and I have not been able to fix anything. What I need is to format. hehehe

I’ve had various issues with ads & my Gemini Wallet but I was able to find fixes on this Forum. This is the longest I’ve had a problem and until I saw your post, it’s the first time I’ve seen someone mention the same issue

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We must put ourselves in order with the administrators so that they do their testing with us. There are many people affected, but they do not give it importance. In our almost if not interested since that tokens has potential. And brave certainly is the best browser in the world.

Please, let’s be clear.

What you guys are calling “ads” is an actual push notification ad or background sponsored images on new tab page?

There’s a huge difference between these types.

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Speaking for myself, I used to get the push ads on my notifications but that stopped a while ago. For the past few weeks I was only getting the background sponsored images on new tab pages. Three weeks ago I stopped getting those.

I mean the ads that brave sends in order for users to see them and earn rewards in the BAT token, those ads come to me without problems. I see them and they don’t give me rewards, the revenue marker always stands at 0.04 even though I see the ads that brave sends me to earn token

Funny, they gave you 2 different answers, and it’s even more confusing than before.
Guys: do you refer to
1 push ads
2 background ads

So you’re saying that your browser stopped from receiving ads at all? If is this case, probably you are flagged.