As a twitter content creator, can I post my referral link outside the platform?

Hello everyone in the community! As a twitter content creator, can I post my referral link outside the twitter platform?
example: Can I post on websites and forums, and my referrals will be counted? thanks!

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Hi @wsn - yes, this is something you can do :slight_smile:

hello, steven! can I trust that answer friend? I ask this because I don’t want to infringe any terms or regulations, but, I read in some topics that people who had a high gain, had their accounts suspended. example: if I disclose brave only inside twitter limits me a lot, but, if I disclose on sites and forums I think I can have a higher gain. my doubt is this: the users who had their account suspended was because they profited a lot or violated some term? grateful!

@wsn it’s OK to share your referral links in other platforms/sites/chats.

Mostly this one :point_up:

Just make sure you have a proof for your activities – screenshots, etc. Just in case. :slight_smile:

hello eljuno, thanks for answering my friend! just to finish the topic friend… you tell me to gather evidence, screen capture, etc … Sorry, but the biggest evidence is not the Brave’s own content creator platform? now if it counts everything by stages, downloads, installed and completed. when you tell the user to gather evidence of your earnings, in other words, it is as if you were saying we do not trust our own platform. this is contradictory or hilarious, to say the least! then I will earn my gains with effort and dedication, and still have to prove that they are lawful? I LOVE THE BRAVE but, this is discouraging!

I’m not saying we should not trust the system/platform. The system is automatically detect for “unusual activity”. Most of the time, all is working well.

It’s wise to prepare for the worst case IMHO.

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