"ArtStation Learning" doesn't work again?

A similar topic has been created in the past, the solutions no longer work: Artstation "something went wrong during native playback"

I have tried the following solutions in Brave Release to no success:

  • Disabled Brave Shields
  • Disabled all extensions
  • Opened via private mode
  • Widevine enabled (as well as disabled and re-enabled again)
  • Playback works in a different browser (Chrome)

Thank you for reaching out.
On my end, I’m able to view video content on the site without issue. This is with default Shields enabled. Can you right-click on the page, then select Inspect and send a screenshot of any output in the Console tab?


I checked https://www.artstation.com/learning/courses/2Yo/30-years-of-film-design-with-doug-chiang/chapters/Q5xQ/part-1 which indeed shows an error. But same error shows in Chrome. Is it broken in Chrome @c4blec ?

Its checking geo location, Going from NZ (blocked for some reason) to US fixes it

What I see:

Works in Chrome:

What error message is showing under Brave?

Okay, thats widevine issue. Try disabling widevine, restart. re-enable widevine and re-test.

Tried testing with Widevine both disabled and re-enabled.
Still get either “Aborted” or “Something went wrong during native playback”.

Try in Brave Beta, as a test. I rejected widevine and get the Something went wrong during native playback
Then refreshing the page, and accepting widevine playback worked. Testing was done on this link: https://www.artstation.com/learning/courses/2Yo/30-years-of-film-design-with-doug-chiang/chapters/Q5xQ/part-1

Works in Brave Beta, then after configuring Brave Beta similar to my current Brave Release install, I found that the problem was caused by “Protected content” being “Blocked” found in: brave://settings/content/protectedContent

Thanks for the helping me troubleshoot, fanboynz.