Around 45 days gone yet referral money not received

I referred my friend 22 or 23 June…he created account and he is using regularly Brave browser but I still don’t find referral amount.

Hi @Tshivamtripathii,

Welcome to community! Here’s a post that answers common questions around incomplete payouts - Some common solutions for late/incomplete payouts.

Let us know if there’s anything else that we can help to answer!

See referral table. 1 refer is completed and verified… I use 45 days… And I only got 18 bat… Where is refer money

@Tshivamtripathii, according to the Brave programme (, you will receive 5 USD worth of BAT (~ 23 BAT with the current exchange rate) for every confirmed user. You balance 18 BAT seems just right due to the fact that you have referred one friend.

If it is referred money then where is my monthly reward whom you provide for using app monthly . I get only 4 BAT in 45 days

If it is my referral money then where is my app using money… I’m using brave app last 50 days no money found yet…

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