Are youtube videos watched outside youtube counted in the creators time?

At this app as well as many others, you can view youtube videos outside of youtube. When you click the BAT symbol the content creator a direct tip would go to is the site you’re viewing the video on, so I wonder whether it at least still counts the youtube video being watched to increase the channel’s time in terms of monthly contributions, or if youtube channel time is only tracked when viewed on youtube.

I hope this question makes sense, and I look forward to an answer.

Embedded videos watched on websites also gets added to the contribution list with attention. Right now if you want to exclude it the only way to exclude is to manually do it from the auto-contribute list by clicking on the X symbol next to the channel name.

Does this help?

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Great to hear, I’m less worried about removing them and much more interested in being sure they’re properly tracked even when embedded.

Thanks for the answer!

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Closing the thread for now. Please open a new one for any other queries