"Are you still there?" Notification should have an option to be removed

I use Brave specifically so I don’t experience interruptions, especially while listening to music from my android while driving, because that way I can set up my phone and it won’t distract me the entirety of my drive.

But then I’ll get a notification that I have to press on my phone to disable them message and that moment always makes my focus change away from driving and has almost made me drift into oncoming traffic while I try to re-enable it.

Either removing it entirely or adding an option to stop the notification would be a simple fix, as I don’t experience that notification on any other android browser.

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@Jadikan can you provide more info about your issue? Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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If you watch videos on the brave app on youtube and don’t interact for long enough. A notification pops up asking “Are you still there?” And the button you have to press to say yes.

Even if you tap anywhere else on the screen nothing will happen unless you press the ‘yes’ and there is as far as I am aware, no way to disable it and it’s become a nuisance that isn’t necessary.

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