Are Token Grants still in circulation

Are token grants still in circulation. I have not got one yet. ):

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Are you talking about the tokens that are given specifically to tip creators ? If so I have been a user for years and never seen this. It may be an expired promotion. I don’t think they are doing the referral anymore either.

Sry this doesn’t specifically answer your question. I am browsing posts and seen yours <3

how do you get this

You can’t. They have been stopped a very long time ago.

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Then how can I get to 15 bat easy

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buy them from an exchange

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You earn the BAT on an unverified wallet by viewing and participating in the ad campaigns. I do not believe there is a way to directly add funds (BAT) to an unverified wallet, unless the wallet you can create in the brave browser is also connected to the brave rewards amount. You would have to ask someone that is/has used it.

You can go to settings and then click on the wallet tab, and create a wallet, but again, I can’t confirm that is directly connected to the braver browser rewards amount.

I am telling you this, so you can check before you create and buy and/or add funds to it, and it not help you.

Become a creator and get tips

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