Are there any memory management options for Brave? (>20 tabs open)



I would really like to exclusively use Brave, I love it. I am coming from Firefox where I use extensions like “Auto Unload Tab” and “Load Tab on Select” which allows me to have 50 tabs or more open at any time. I browse with lots of tabs open all the time so this is a must for me. I have been searching for the past few days for ANY option for Brave for this. I am having a tough time understanding if I can use any extensions other than the approved ones at “about:preferences#extensions”?

I wasn’t able to find much discussion on specifically this kind of many tab management options. I know Chrome has several options for this so I am just wondering if I’m missing something here. The ability to unload tabs or at the very least the option to not automatically load a tab that you have not selected yet is the sort of feature I need to fully use this browser.

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