Are the shields the same?

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Are the shields between desktop and Android the same?

No specific URL, just a general question

I don’t have any screenshots to show about this issue since this is more of a general question about the browsers (both Desktop and Android) themselves and not their individual performance on any specific website.

I would just like to know if the desktop version of Brave Shields and the android version are made differently. I noticed some difference in performance. For example. For example, I watch shows on a certain site that had a system set up where the video player will be blocked if the site detects you using an ad blocker. With the desktop version of brave, those shields will actually bypass the detector and I am able to watch shows without any kind of interruption.

However, the android version of Brave shields seem to be a tad lacking. Anytime I try to use the site’s video player on the android version of brave, the detector still kicks in and I can’t watch anything.

Again, this site is just one such example, but it made me wonder if both version of Brave was truly that different. Anyone have any insight on how the shields are made between each version?

I can’t answer directly to how much code is shared between platforms. It is about implementation, not all code can be shared between the platforms we support (just the limitations of API’s, language’s, OS’s, UI/Usability limitations).

Websites also can treat Mobile and desktop browsing separately, deploying different trackers, adservers, anti-adblock etc. So seeing differences when browsing the same site on 2 different platforms could yield slightly different results.

If there is specific sites you’re having issues with, do link. I can take a look.

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Oot, but on brave android 1.5.9 sometimes the blocking monitor didn’t show you how much the ads that has been blocked.

For example this, it’s showing zero ads & tracker blocked on Android 1.5.9, but showing 40-60 ads & tracker blocked on nightly and Android beta.

The ads is still blocked though, so it’s fine.

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along these lines, I’m curious as to how close brave’s shields are to the ones here:

do they work together, when searching with DDG in Brave?

where does the block/protection happen - at the browser, at my router’s blocker, at the DNS server? the further from me, the better AFAIC

Thoughts, correcting Easylist/Easyprivacy

But Easyprivacy and Easylist is still more comprehensive.

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