Are BRAVE rewards payouts complete?

Hello to the whole community.

If BRAVE rewards payments are complete, as far as I’m concerned, once again, I haven’t received anything.
Indeed, it has been three months since I received anything on my UpHold account.
@Mattches tried to unblock the situation and I thank him for it but the goal is not achieved.
I use BRAVE on four terminals. Two windows and two androids, including a new PC installed on 10/12/2022 following the failure of the hard drive of my old machine.
I receive and consult the ads that appear on each. I have access to my, UpHold account which is verified on all devices.
I don’t know what to do, what to think, what to say to you.
Will anyone be able to find what is not working?
Thank you.

PS: Excuse my English. I am French and I use G**GLE Traduction.


Payment for the month of November completed a while back. Payment for December earnings won’t start until early next month.

Hi @Mattches.

Unless I am mistaken, the compensation paid on December 01 corresponded to the period of September and October.
For the month of November, I did not receive any reward for any of my four terminals.
If I misunderstood, excuse me. I will wait another month.
Best regards,

Payments are typically made on or around the 8th of the month, not the 1st — they do start processing on the first though. That said it sounds like you had an issue with Rewards and are expecting to see compensation for a couple months worth of Rewards that were not paid out properly.

If you haven’t yet, I would submit a ticket with us to ensure that everything gets resolved.

Yes, I have same problem and submitted a ticket to customer support.
Haven’t received any rewards to my Uphold account yet it says November rewards were sent.
Customer support replied saying it had been resolved but still nothing sent to my Uphold account.
Hoping my ticket reply details help them fix the issue.
Brave Customer Support is very good at replying and solving any problems I’ve ever had, no worries.
Thank you.

Hello @Mattches.

I’m sure there’s still an issue that’s blocking reward payouts on my UpHold account. This is why I would prefer you to open the ticket with BRAVE Support.

I’ll give you a history of the situation:
At the end of November, in collaboration with BRAVE support, you informed me that my problem was over and I thank you again.
On December 1st, on my four terminals, I received the message saying that some BATs were awaiting payment which would take place eight days later.
On December 8, the message disappeared but I did not receive anything on my UpHold account. I checked out the BRAVE community site and saw that there were a few issues and it would take a while to finalize the payments.
I waited until December 20 and, when @Saltybanana’s message was no longer displayed, I decided to open this topic.

I’m sorry to cause you trouble. I repeat once again, I really like the BRAVE browser and the principle of rewards, the integration of TOR, the wallet… That’s the reason why I would very much appreciate if my problem is solved. You have all my trust.

Best regards,

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Could you DM me your ticket number? I’ll take a look. Thanks!

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