Are BRAVE 'crash reports' useful to the developers?


A crash report was generated after BRAVE crashed.

Is that something that’s useful for BRAVE staff to see?

If so, where/how should it be posted or otherwise sent to the developers?

It’s long.


Hi @mk7z ,

Crash reports are often useful, especially when the bug or issue that caused the crash is widespread. But even when the crash was minor or inconsequential it still may be useful to look at. We currently have automatic crash reporting turned off by default in Brave Dev. However, if you’d like to send the crash report, you can do it manually by going to about:crashes, find the corresponding date/time for the crash you’d like to report. Hit “Send now”, and you’re all set :slight_smile:
Thank you for reaching out and showing concern! We love that our user base cares enough about the product to want to help improve it!


If you meant “about:crashes” in a URL line I can’t get it to work. It keeps changing to “about:blank” when I hit Return after typing that string. (I saved the crash report that appeared on-screen as a document, but as mentioned it’s very long.)

We love that our user base cares enough about the product to want to help improve it!

I’m a fan and would like to see Brave prevail. I’d also like to get to where I don’t need to use Chrome alongside Brave, just Brave.

And if the TOR implementation gets to where it eliminates the need to go to TOR itself (the browser), that’ll be even better.


about:crashes should work.
Try typingchrome://crashes, does that work? Should show a page like this:


about:crashes” still just changes to “about:blank”. Nothing else happens

chrome:crashes” opened up the list but I don’t see a ‘Send now’ option.

If I click on “Provide additional details” I get taken to a GitHub login screen.


@Mattches Is it possible crash reports are disabled? I don’t see any option on that page (chrome:crashes) to send a crash report.


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