Are Brave and this forum currently dead?

It’s a real pity because I loved this browser, but now I’ve a lot of serious issues with it, the worst one for me being that it refuses to save downloads to the last directory used. But despite several of these issueshave been asked repeatedly in this forum, there was no response or solution by the Developers or other users, so I guess that both Brave and this forum are currently in a dead state?

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Might be. Ive had a post up for 8 days now with no response

It does very much seem as if Brave has abandoned this site. I rarely see any responses from Brave team members and it is a little concerning. The browser itself however is still well and alive.

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A quick search will show that that is very clearly not the case. There are thousands of threads posted every week and not every single one is going to get a response and/or solution given the size of team we have and the resources we have.

That said, if you are having an issue(s) with the browser, please open a thread here and be sure to fill out the template in the editor so we have all the information up front.

Thank you