Are ads not a thing anymore?

When I first enabled ads everything worked great, then one day it just never worked again. For the past 4-5 months, I haven’t seen a single ad.

I thought it was something on my end so I reinstalled Brave and started fresh, still nothing. I followed the entire troubleshooting guide and enabled Windows focus thing and have all notifications going and everything else, still nothing. Ads work on my Android, but, it also earns me a whole 1 BAT a month…

I see the forum full of threads of people with the same problem and it really has me thinking that it’s a Brave issue. I understand that ads are not guaranteed to show and the amounts of ads will fluctuate and depend on your region, but absolutely 0 ads for 5 months seems like there is a real problem.

So what is really wrong with Brave ads? How do I get it working the way it once did? How do I start earning BAT live I was doing months ago?


Yes, there was no ads for mine one from last couple weeks.

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