Archiveror extension disabled

On the extensions page, it simply says “This extension violates the Brave Web Store policy.”.

  1. What is Brave Web Store? I don’t think such a thing exists?
  2. There is no explanation why. I think this is both intellectually insulting to the users (implying that we are not smart enough to comprehend the reasoning behind the removal) and actually weakens the security as users ore on their own when installing an extension from the source from, not knowing if there is actually any problem with the extension. As far as I can tell, there was no extension takeover or recent malicious commits. An extension transparency log similar to CRL would be a better solution.
  3. Users should be able to have control over the browser that claims to have respect for its users.

Do you have Developer mode enabled in brave://extensions?

@Codesalot, as I said, it’s about an extension forcibly disabled. I guess most of you seen one of those but I can provide a screenshot:


@Mattches I don’t have it enabled yet, I have not yet sideloaded the extension as I would like to understand why was it removed in the first place. As I said, I looked through the commit log in and nothing jumped out as overly suspicious. It’s also up on the Mozilla Addons and there were no new versions published that could be suspicious:

I would suspect this is referring to Chrome web store. I noticed no commits in 2 years, Not sure how stable or buggy it is, there has been many changes to Chrome/Brave source code.

Try to install the same extension in Chrome also, I would suspect the same error would come up

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