April rewards still on "check status" after replacing the "Default" folder from brave

So 3-4 days ago I had to reset my pc, with this occasion I wanted to give windows 11 a try… The moment before resetting, I saw that the april rewards were still pending, and I searched the internet a bit just to see that replacing the “Default” in the new Brave installation would replace the rewards and this way I could still have my earned BAT for THIS month and the pending rewards that were supposed to arrive…
Normally, I could redeem the rewards exactly the day they were supposed to arrive, but I don’t really know if it’s for the folder replacement or that it’s normal that it’s taking so long…

Any advices ?


@raaz It may work; It may not.

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It worked, I’m still receiving ads, but I’m talking about the pending rewards that I should get today…

As you can see in the status page, they were not yet processed. Just give it a few more days. We are all waiting for them. Only some Uphold users got their share.



Your experience is very interesting to me and hopefully for the Brave Community, as there is no officially backup for wallet so far especially if wallet is unverified.
I hope that you’ll get your pending rewards in the next hours as this will hopefully encourage users to reset and upgrade to W11.
As for rewards for this month you can follow the payout status @ Ads Payout Status Update

That’s what I’m saying, fortunately as soon as I became 18 I decided to verify my wallet.
As for the off-topic, I saw Windows 11 is a lot moer stable now compared to 3-4 months ago… I think I’ll stick with it :smiley:

Then I guess it’s pretty normal, hopefully all of us will get the rewards in the end … Cheers !

Wait, we can now backup our brave folder and restore it on a new system installation and it should work? They got rid of whatever checks they had in place that made that not work? Because I’ve been wanting to do a system reinstall for a long time now.

EDIT: Work as in your estimated BAT will remain unchanged and you won’t take up another verified slot with Uphold/Gemini?

Well, I will update you as soon as I’m able to get my rewards to be honest ^^’

Patience grasshopper they are doing their best. I’m still waiting as well.

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