April payout processing?

iam still waiting sir Can u Help Me

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yes i hope :innocent: :innocent: :innocent:

When you connecting your Uphold account @Hamzamushtaq219?

Yes sir my account is already connected

Sir my account is already connected

And “when” you connect your Uphold account @Hamzamushtaq219?

My wallet is connect after 4months sir

Did you mean you just recently connecting your Uphold account?

Then it may be a point 3 from April 2020 Publishers Payout Megathread

Your Uphold account was not linked to your Creators account, lost connection to your Creator’s account, or was linked too late. Your Uphold account must complete verification by the 1st of the month in order to qualify for that month’s payout. For more information about Uphold verification, check out the Uphold Verification Guide .

But you should be OK for next month payout.

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