April BAT vanished after linking UpHold to Brave 2023

Now i see over the years this has happened to many people, but i cant actualy find any solution as to how to get my BAT. there is no history of me even having them yet my account was made back on April 5th 2023, is there even any chance in hell I will be seeing these again and has this ever happened more then once I am already considering leaving Brave as the linking process was a rough process that had me a bit unsettled. I’m not a fan at all of having to give my ID to Online buisnesses , and seeing just how jank the linking process seemed( constant links provided by Brave rewards not working or just simply going to the wrong area of the UpHold site, always being bombarded with warning messages of scam awareness.) nothing about the process seemed streamlined and now the BAT i wen through that process to get has simply vanished ? no trace or propper record keeping in the Brave Browser, Wallet, or Rewards. No sign of it ever being sent or pending to my UpHold account. wtf do i do ? Is it even possible to contact Brave Customer support or does one even exist? I sure as hell cant seem to find it. I was excited about BAT but im wondering if its just a way to have your ID verified and then that info passed to Brave … that would make the ad’s worth a lot more to marketers that’s for sure to have confirmation they are being viewed by real people… idk it all seems messed up and fishy if you ask me, but honestly I just want my damn BAT so I don’t feel like I sold my ID for nothing.

Raise a ticket at

From there Brave’s team will take it forward.

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