April 9 and only an incomplete payment arrived

Description of the issue:
1 I only received 19 bat my uphold account
2 my uphold account is verified
3 It still comes out as payment in process but my payment does not arrive and it was totally incomplete

the result that I had was to receive only 19 bat when in my account there were 119, the result expected by me and correct was to receive my 119 complete bat, in my account of brave it is still leaving payment in process but I have not received my full payment nor obtained response from my complaints

this has already happened twice and also to other people it has happened and I think we all need an answer

Use brave browser as a browser

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@Asad please I need an answer

I think you just need to wait for some hours to pass, it is sent chunk by chunk AFAIK.


same here my pending is also showing out pending

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And now we play the waiting game, wasn’t Crypto suppose to be fast and decentralised…

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They really have to speed up their transactions, openness and transparency. Why use a third party service when Crypto can be sent direct to a wallet. Why so much clumsy mistakes. Why so slow support that doesn’t even seem to care about their publishers.

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