April 2022 Ads Payout Issues Update

I saw i had the 6+ BAT rewards when i opened a new tab in browser (brave obviously) and then went to gemini account and no rewards then opened new tab again and it went back down to my preivious bat amount? what is going on? giveth then taketh away?

that some good news. hope i will also get today

Still haven’t received it, but the sattus is still “Payments Processing”, let’s see… @steeven

I too got my payout on Gemini I was about to receive 6.05 BAT but received exact 6 BAT
But anyways Thanks

yes same happened to me
Opps what’s happening
EDIT : 2 min later when I opened Brave reward section and left for some time it again showed my received BAT

Still nothing in mi uphold account, well… more patience I guess

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Does anyone know how can I identify which of my Brave Browser (PC, laptop or Android) did what payment on uphold ? I Received 2 out of 3 payouts and I can’t figure out which one is missing.

Thanks in advance, I already did a post that didn’t get any answer.

Receive my BAT this morning. Thanks


Same. Still I don’t get rewards in my uphold account

Mee tooo still waiting for my rewards into my uphold account.

Just saw the BAT that was owed finally made it through. Thanks!

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Uphold, still absolutely nothing.

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Still nothing on my Upload verified, missing about 8 BATs from March.
Admins really need to keep updating to avoid all these posts.

If we were updated we would not have to keep posting.

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Hello! Thanks for this update! I am quite new to Brave browser - have been using it for only 1 or 2 months.

I am one of those with +0.25 BAT for March instead of what I was supposed to get (around 5 or 6? I’m not sure anymore). I still haven’t gotten the correct amount.

Shall I just wait or is there a way to claim my rewards or to file a complaint or something?

PS: I have a gemini verified wallet.

i still havent recieved my payout yet .
i will dm my wallet id

@steeven @Mattches i didnt recieve my april payout yet

Mine gemini too and not yet received

My payout deposited into my gemini account without having to claim this time. My claim failed twice previously. Hopefully it’ll apply to everyone else with the problem in due time. Anyways… thanks for fixing it!

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You can see the amount of BAT you got in the promotions tab in brave://rewards-internals/ Hope this helps✌️

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I have not received my advertising reward and as well creator reward