April 2022 Ads Payout Issues Update

I wrote a mail to uphold and they have told me to contact brave for the same. I have to receive 6+ BAT still and haven’t so. Uphold has said that they only helps receive BAT from Brave and if it doesn’t reflect in the account is if brave hasn’t sent it. @steeven @Mattches

The next day and still not working. I still, didn’t get March rewards, and March ads history is going, day by day.

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I wonder they said they are working(and also indicates payment complete for uphold) but I didn’t see any user make a comment or post " finally I got my rewards". Is anyone here who finally got his march payout ?

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This is kinda BS cause i received the payment for one of my mobile browser and Uphold sent me a mail that my wallet was credited with amount X that was exact as what was earned on that phone.

I am still missing the payout for my second (main) phone, it dissapeared from the notification and now the payouts for Uphold are supposedly complete.

This is the third month in a row where it happens, sent a DM with no response as of now. And judging by how many of you (us?) Have sent a message they are probably flooded.

@steeven at least confirm that there are some steps taken regarding this issue and that “payouts complete” doesn’t mean the end of it.

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Hi all - the issue has been identified by the team and is actively being worked on. There is currently no action required on your end if you have still not received your payment. Thank you for your continued patience. You will receive your BAT.


i have not received my april payout yet and i am not getting ad rewards

i have dm’ed you my wallet id

thanks for this reply and good to know this issue is now identified. I guess most of the people that use Uphold had the same situation. the new payments are supposed to be one single payment for multiple devices, but people got paid for only one of the devices and nothing for the others. at least this is the situation for me.

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Identified issue is a good progress. Will continue waiting for the BAT as mentioned @steeven

04/22 and still no BAT…i use uphold…have for a couple years now. it said i had over 10 bat coming but i havent received it yet. will we get our rewards this month or will they be included on next month? the last two months, ive been receiving my BAT on the 17th, 18th each month, instead of the 6th or whatever. but this month, its alreay the 22nd and still no bat. i do not have gemini so should mine even be affected?
Cody P.

Happy to report that i finally got my March payment on my gemini account.


I also just got mine on 2 laptops


@Kickflip @Doug1 Thank you both for reporting.

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Not yet… I only get 2.667 BAT instead of 3.377 BAT. :smiling_face_with_tear:

finally i received my march payout @steeven

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Hey, I have also not received anything from last month. Any updates?

brave have transferred almost all payout today just once login your wallet and you see. If not just wait 24 hrs more


How did you got them ? Are you a uphold user?

How did you recieved them? I mean we need to claim it or what? BTW iam a uphold user.

still didnt got mine. idk what is happening.you have to help us brave team