April 18th 2020, I can't get my Twitter account verified

Hello Brave team,:lion:

First of all, I love this project and the smart business ideas regarding ads you came up with! Thank you for such a browser, I’m in to help you grow!

Second, the reason I’m sending this it’s because I cannot see the verified checkmark on my @AnotherStoic Twitter channel, even though I’m using the referral code and it’s shown as “verified” on my dashboard. But not on Twitter, though. So, is there any bug or problem about the verification process?

Thank you so much in advance and,

Digital hugs,


Link: https://mobile.twitter.com/AnotherStoic

It’s indeed verified. The moment you finish the verification process, it’s verified.

But your Brave require ±72 hours to update its local publishers list. Yours is appears as verified on my end.

Oh, alright then, thank you so much for your quick answer!

Always stay safe and all the best.

Until next time.

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