Apply Permanently - An addition to Apply Once


In the Scripts view there is an option to allow or block certain scripts. In that form is the Apply Once button. That seems to set these settings for the specific tab.

I would like to suggest a Apply Permanent button that can be set for site.

Use Case
I visit YouTube and allow scripts from but block other 3rd party scripts. When the tab is closed or when I open another tab on youtube all the scripts are blocked again.

I have to open the scripts view and repeat the steps to allow and block again. An Apply Permanent will remember these choices for the next time.

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+1 from me for this important feature.
I used to love this on NoScript for Firefox - you can cut out lots of Google scripts from all kinds of different websites and regardless of Google, it increases safety to just enable the scripts that are really needed for site functionality.

Block-counter on shields - do I misunderstand it or is it bugged?