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Are there any restrictions on using our application deployment tool to push out Brave to my end users? If it is ok, is there documentation on command line switches, customizations, etc much like in Firefox where I can deploy policies?




If you’re looking for a managed install like msiexec /admin, we currently do not have such a method.

You’re certainly welcome to do an org-wide deploy, but you should know we do update ad blocker definitions and extensions out-of-band. Updates are also not centralized.

Please don’t be too surprised if you see your IDF get a bit taxed at those times. :slight_smile:


Thanks for getting back to me. I appreciate it. Do you think that is something you will implement at some point? I’m guessing for now, it’s best to hold off. I just really liked how the browser performed, blocked unnecessary content which can help protect end users. I’ll keep an eye on things. Thanks again!


We’re certainly interested in having org-wide deploys so it’s fair to say we’ll come of up with something. :slight_smile:

In the meantime, for a windows network you should be able to push out the installer exe via group policy. There are other deployment tools out there as well like PDQ Deploy which should do the trick.


Great! I currently use PDQ Deploy for apps and GPO’s for settings, etc. I’ll test it for fun. :+1:

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