Apple Shutoff, High CPU usage and CPU over Temp

I think it’s time for brave to man up when it comes to Apple w/ T2 products

In case my screenshot doesn’t come through I operate a 2018 Mac mini

3.0 I5, 32 m RAM
thunderbolt 3 to HDMI interface to LG monitor
Apple touchpad
are my only peripherals

I am a big proponent of Brave and all it represents. I have touted and convinced any close and remote associations of its advantages but, I am currently at a loss as to how to defend/support what is currently ongoing

I live in the southeast, my son lives in Brooklyn New York. he operates the latest Apple MacBook Pro also using Catalina as do I.

He reports to me today that he is also experiencing the following problems and is forced to go to another browser altogether

  1. Release brave browser turns off after 60 seconds
  2. Beta installed works A-OK
  3. clean my Mac X indicating high temperature & high CPU usage
  4. My son’s MacBook Pro operating Catalina exhibiting the same symptoms
  5. all other mainstream browsers work A-OK
  6. I have utilized every known means to me to delete and provide a fully clean NEW installation of brave browser but continuously get the same results.
  7. Installation of new browser, Firefox works A-OK
    8, existing Safari browser works A-OK
  8. existing TOR browser works A-OK
  9. with nothing else turned on, I can open the Brave browser and “do nothing”, watch my clock, 60 seconds later Brave browser (Release version) will automatically shuts down
  10. upon restart of brave browser(Release version) notifies me I shut down improperly and do I wish to resume where I left off
  11. installed brave browser ( beta version) after the above stated occurrences manifested and have operated ( doing so at this moment) beta version without incident only the release copy exhibits the automatic shutdown symptom.
  12. Apple iPhones (10 &11) and ipads perform a okay

any feedback or suggestions are anxiously awaited

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