Apparently, Dashlane doesn't work for... Anyone?!?!?!


I’ve been researching my (and everybody else’s) issue of getting Dashlane to work inside of Brave and noticed that there are HUGE amounts of people with the same problem, so…
I’m curious, Does ANYONE have Dashlane working inside of Brave?!?!?!
I mean,… Has it EVER worked?

Thank you for your time.

Linux Mint 18.3
Brave 0.22.714


I believe that the Brave->Settings->Security->Strict Site Isolation may be the problem here. Issues with Dashlane and Pocket look to be fixed by turning this setting off!


Hi! Super excited to be trying out Bravefor the first time. Great project. Unfortunately, I’m running into the same issues with Dashlane as others … I’ve tried disabling browser signature verification as suggested here How do I use Dashlane? , but still no dice – just a blank tab when I click the Dashlane icon.

I’ve reached out to Dashlane support as well … Interestingly they list a bunch of supported browsers on their site and within the app, but not Brave.

Anyone having any luck?

Windows 7
Brave 0.23.39

MacOS 10.13.6
Brave 0.23.39


Hi, not sure how I missed it, but @yar05’s solution Dashlane sign-on does not work works for me. +1 @yar05 and sorry to add to another thread.


its not the brave issue , actually dashlane does that sometimes even in chrome or firefox , it has never happend in safari though it should have the authorization issue , uninstall dashlane and install again , this might solve your issue !


Hi, new user. After many tries, the solution “Dashlane sign-on” also works for me. I’m happy that I can begin using Brave!


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