Apparent Google censorship of URLs

I am puzzled by recent behavior I have seen on various browsers built on the Google Chromium open source code base including The Dissenter, Brave, and BraveBeta. I have recently noticed that some links to sites critical of Biden and the deep state narrative initially load using The Dissenter browser (for less than a second) then change to a 404 (page not found) error. A few minutes ago, out of curiosity, I tried loading the page

in Firefox after it failed with a 404 error (as described above) in The Dissenter. In Firefox, the page loaded normally. I have repeatedly tried to load the same page with The Dissenter and it fails every time with 404 error. When I tried to report the problem to The Dissenter, I was directed to this forum, presumably because The Dissenter is built (with minor modifications?) on Brave (perhaps a slightly older release than the current Brave release). When I tried loading the same page with BraveBeta (downloaded and installed moments ago), it worked normally. I subsequently tried loading the same page in the latest stable (non-Beta) release of Brave, which also worked normally. If I use Chrome, the page is blocked if I use the Google search engine but not if I use Duckduckgo. When I use The Dissenter, I am using the Duckduckgo browser not Google yet the page still fails to load properly.

I am not familiar with browser code that interprets URL text; it must interact with the search engine when there is no separate search box because text in the URL dialog box not in the form of a URL is passed to the search engine. But when I use The Dissenter with Duckduckgo as my search engine and type in the URL above, I do not see how Google code, other than the open source code base used to build Brave (and The Dissenter) gets access to the URL. If the open source code is responsible for the censorship, then why does the offending URL behave normally in both Brave and BraveBeta (they do use updated versions of Chromium and Brave code bases)? I have a screenshot of the 404 error page that I get when I try to load the page at the offending URL above, but I don’t know how to attach it using the Brave Community UI

Error 404 is serverside, not an browser, or google issue. Most likely they’re (twitchy) is having server issues, no conspiracy or anything like that.

Dissenter is an old version of Brave, recompiled without BAT ads and cryptocurrency-related stuff. It is not actively developed and AFAIK doesn’t have a development team proper—which is why they sent you here, I guess. Basically they just download Brave’s source code, remove the parts they’re not interested in, and recompile it. Having less features, Dissenter is lighter and may be faster on older machines. However, I’d recommend Dissenter only if Brave doesn’t support your OS anymore. On the other hand, if your OS is supported, I highly recommend Brave because it has new features, fixed bugs, fixed security issues, a group of people working on the browser every day etc. Brave also runs on mobile phones; Dissenter doesn’t. Besides, it’s unclear if Dissenter has been abandoned or not, due to Gab’s new focus on expanding and improving the website for its unexpectedly growing community. Last but not least, Dissenter’s only distinctive feature, “the comments”, looks like a ghost town, IMO. If you want those comments anyway, you’d better use Brave with Dissenter’s old extension—but it’s useless, IMO.

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