App update how?

Hi all. Says to earn extra $7 I need update something. What do I need to update to earn the $7 BAT?

Is a browser update meant?
If yes (I use the release channel version, deviations possible):
Click on the 3 bars at the top right, i.e. the menu.
Click on “About Brave”
The update should now be downloaded

I’m not sure. I was given a type of quiz by Coinbase and BAT earned the first three £0.77 x 3 yet the $7 (4th) told me to install app. Done that. Copy link. Done that.

Then update. I’ll try now.

Thanks and regards. I’m a big investor. Let’s get BAT making big money.

No. They want me to do through a browser. Sign into Coinbase. Forgot password. Currently on long vacation in Southeast Asia. Can’t verify British number here. Not risking losing my Coinbase account by requesting password changes.