App problems on Android

Dear Brave,

I’ve used Brave as my main browser for months now on my OnePlus 8T. It worked flawlessly for that time until today. The app doesn’t work at all anymore, I get a black screen and after a while the message if I want to wait or close the app. I’ve tried clearing the cache, clearing the storage and even uninstall and reinstall. Restarting my phone. Nothing works. The app simply doesn’t work anymore. I would love to get some help to get it working again.
Futhermore, I made a lot of BAT during those months but I wasn’t able to connect my wallet just yet. I needed 20 to do so if I remember correctly. I was on my way to do so, but now I’m afraid that because of this hard crash, I’ve lost everything.

I hope you can help me.

Kind regards,

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