App privacy report shows alarming things for Brave iOS app

Description of the issue: I’ve been using Brave for for years and have trusted that it’s done well with blocking trackers. The new app privacy report in iOS 15 has shed some new light on this though. I recently opened up the privacy report and Brave has contacted far more domains than any other app. I understand that it should Contact the domains I purposely go to, but in this list, I also see domains like Facebook, Google, and Bing. I don’t use any of these websites. For the past couple months, I’ve been experimenting using Safari with similar browsing habits and it shows similar, but much fewer, contacting of third party domains. What’s the deal? Is Brave not as good as I thought? Am I missing something? Shields are up. “Block Scripts” is off but everything else is on.

How can this issue be reproduced? Use Brave for a few months with regular browsing habits. Then, go to app privacy report in device settings.

Brave Version (check About Brave): Version 1.35.1 (

Additional Information: iPadOS 15.3.1, iPad Mini 5

It likely will be analytics domains. Most of blocked domain are google analytics which is present on every website, eg wikipedia. Similarly, those websites who opt-in to facebook ads also have facebook analytics scripts present on the website.
It is due to advertisers or google/facebook need to know about how their ads are performing, click rates etc.

Safari on the other hand might not block these scripts, which allows them to connect back to google/facebook domains.

It is based on my own assumption, so I cannot tell you why exactly it is happening. Also, I have no idea why it’s connecting to bing. It might be that if you are using brave search on ios, brave search has an easy method to use bing if you think the results from brave search are not good. If you click on bing, it connects to bing domain, it only happens if you wish to search via bing.

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