App freeze on oneplus 7 pro with android 10

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I use oneplus 7pro. OS is updated. From last few months I have been experiencing problem with brave browser it freezes while browsing. System doesn’t show that app isn’t responding but the app does not respond to any of your clicks. It just becomes an image of the webpage or anything it is showing . It gets corrected and starts working normally from exactly where it stuck after you minimize the app and reopen it again from recent apps tray. My brave browser is also updated

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. It just happens I dont know any way to reproduce it

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Thanks for the information. Are you using Sync on this device at this time?
Additionally, I know you said you’re not sure how to reliably reproduce it, but I’m curious if you’ve noticed any patterns in the behavior – specifically with the sites you’re browsing when it freezes in that way?

No i am not using sync on this device at this time. There is no such patterns it just freezes irrespective of the site being displayed. It could be due to the oxygen OS of the phone because it does have some issues. M not sure though what is causing this problem OS or app

+1, I have this issue as well, not sure if its one plus related, but my phone is a oneplus 6t.

Occasionally the browser will just freeze up and I had to force close it and restart. Just happened earlier today while I was scrolling through Twitter.

Another issue i had is sometimes the keyboard will just stop working, I could type but no text appears, it resolves if I just minimize brave and restore again.

A side question: Is the current stable version on Android based on brave-core? or still from a separate repo?

Ya I have experienced this keyboard issue too

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