is read only with Native Brave Wallet

Hi …

When I start the app and connect it with the “native brave wallet”, the connection stays “read only” … and I can’t change the parameters of my ens-domains.

If I change back to the old wallet then the wallet is really connected and I can change the parameters of my ens-domains.

Do I miss something?

im having the same problem.

cant access my domains, edit, renew, anything.

any update on this?

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Thanks for the report and sorry I didn’t notice it until now. We just did a hotfix with lots of fixes but it didn’t include this. I posted this to track it:

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I tried this and it’s working for me.

Could you maybe try to clear cookies from within the lock icon in the URL bar select cookies. Remove the cookies then load the site again.

Maybe also go to brave://settings/content/ethereum?search=ethereum and clear out any previous permission for the ENS site you had before trying again.

Note that the read only mode seems to stay there for a few seconds before updating. It does this on MetaMask too though.

Hi @brian ian

Thanx a lot … I clleared the permission … now it’s working!!!


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