App doesn't remember tabs when re launching


hi I barely downloaded this app, on iOS 9.3.2 latest update for my iPod 5th gen, have the app on my Samsung phone. I noticed that there’s a problem with the app remembering the tabs that had been open (2) So when I relaunch the app I can’t continue where I left off. There’s also another issue with the app resetting to mobile view, would be better if it just stays how I left it, just like chrome.


This is also happening on the desktop app - every time I update, it should remember the tabs I had open, but it doesn’t.


Hi @Ivan,
I’m sorry for late reply. cc @joel for answer.


Hi @leotreasure,

There’s an open issue for this.

At the moment, all I can recommend is to set your Brave to start with windows/tabs from last time. It works for me – hope this can work for you too.

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Is this still an issue in the latest release (Brave iOS 1.3.3)?

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