App crashes each time I try to claim rewards

Been happening since I first installed, and even Uninstaller after 3 months to see if that would fix it, only to find i lost all my BAT tokens I was unable to claim.

First off, I have a brave wallet, but not an uphold. If that’s one keypart, I understand and I’ll look into purchasing the nessiary 15 BAT on there, but because of me loosing out on my previous apps rewards, I wanted to just sit and collect enough ad rewards to have the 15 BAT required (that was my logic, which seems to be flawed)

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You can verify without 15 BAT. Users have verified with 3BAT or even 0BAT.

First create an account with uphold. Do kyc and all other stuff. Then go to rewards triangle. In red, it will say you will need 15 bat. But, below, it will say, if you already have an account then login in.

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Wow. Thank you so much, that was easy and quick!

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